Karlovačke Sirene
The Mermaids of Karlovac have been watching over the town since it was founded...

Legend says that the founders of Karlovac asked the Mermaids for permission to build the town between the rivers Kupa and Korana. They wanted to build the town right in arms of Mermaids, so that they could keep it safe. The founders promised them to build a star shaped town and inhabit it with good people. They also promised to put the Mermaids on the official coat of arms. Only a few have seen the Mermaids since those times, but they are still here. They are watching over the city, hiding in the shades of Kupa and Korana bridges.

Karlovačke Sirene earrings are made of high-quality rhodium plated silver. Designed by Jelena Drakulić Draganjac, founder of BIBLÔ souvenirs and handicrafts, and made by Zlatarna Križek, the juwelier also known for making traditional Croatian jewelry like Moretto and Dubrovnik jewelry.

The packaging for the earrings is a cardboard box which is dominated by blue-green / turquoise color, like the color of the official flag of Karlovac. Karlovacke Sirene earrings are displayed in Katzler pavilion, and can be bought in Aquarium Karlovac (Branka Čavlovića Čavleka 1a street).

Since 1935 until today, almost 80 years later, one thing has not changed - the gold and silver jewelry of Zlatarne Križek is at the very top of the production quality and design.
Zlatarna Križek
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